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My #rhizo 15 Learning Subjectives – Rhonda Jessen.com

My #rhizo 15 Learning Subjectives

Hello #rhiz015

I am looking forward to playing in the #rhizo15 sandbox for the next several weeks, even though I haven’t been very active yet. I’m co-facilitating a course in Open Education and OERs for EdTechOpen and that is where most of my attention will be for another week. I’ve taken a more lurkish role than usual, mostly watching the #rhizo15 Twitter feed, following a few conversations and smiling at the familiar avatars that scroll by. I’ve read a few blogs, but not commented yet.

I’m not beating myself up about it, just thought it important to include in an introduction. I guess I should also mention that I’m a media and computer teacher, community builder, ed tech nerd, and a cMooc social butterfly, I guess you could call it – my basketball coach had me pegged way back in grade 11. I see #rhizo15 as a great way to stay connected to people I have been playing and learning with since #etmooc and to meet new ones, have great conversations, think, blog and collaborate.

My #rhizo15 Learning Subjectives

  • Connect/reconnect with PLN playmates from #etmoc, #rhizo14,#oclmooc and other spaces
  • Pay renewed attention to my blogging, and especially my commenting practice
  • explore the cool connectivist space Dave Cormier creates as #rhizo15 unfolds. This time around there isn’t (yet) a Google Community or course hub, even on P2PU. I say yet because this is one course where once a need is identified for a new community, I have no doubt the community space it will be created. Since I don’t use Facebook it will be interesting to watch things unfold with only Twitter and participant blogs forming the initial greenhouse structure for the rhizomes, although Laura Gibbs has already set up a blog roll.
  • I’m sure I’ll also spend time imagining the role that learning subjectives could play for CTF students. I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about assessment and assessing competencies lately, I am sure that will colour how I play in the #rhizo15 playpen.

Subjectives = Freedom

Dave asked how subjectives free us, in a way that objectives don’t. I think/hope subjectives free us to

  • explore to the extent that we are drawn to/can afford
  • choose our own learning path
  • get lost/try something outside of comfort zone
  • connect with a learning community ‘just because’
  • adjust involvement as needed


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