Intro to Open Educational Resources in K-12

On March 30, 2015 I presented a session on Open Educational Resources (OER) to teachers at the Alberta Distance Learning Centre (ADLC). It was a great session, there were people from across the province, plus one participant from New Brunswick.

Laurel's post about OER session
Laurel’s post about OER session


Creative Commons link
Creative Commons link


Copyright Criminals & Not

I shared a story with them about copyright, Nokia & Alec Couros. Nokia approached Alec because they respected Creative Commons licenses and they wanted to use a video that he had tagged non-commercial.

The day after my session, Laurel sent me this Tweet:
Laurel's Tweet
Laurel’s Tweet

Her Tweet lead me to this Tweet from Dave Cormier:

Dave Cormier's Post
Dave Cormier’s Post
Wired had posted an opinion piece called “Why Free Is Not the Future of Digital Content in Education” which argued for more textbooks and included a photo taken by Alec Couros that was licensed non-commercial.
Alec posted the first comment of many informed comments: “The image that you are using is CC-ATT/NC. You shouldn’t be using it as a commercial organization. It’s mine, but I’ll give it to you – for free. I believe that free matters. So, in contradiction to your article, use away. Heck, here’s another one:
I’m surprised that Wired didn’t respect Alec’s Creative Commons license. It turns out that they have used his image several times in the past.
Great response Alec. Wired I have lost some respect for your brand.

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