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Daily Photo 2014 – Rhonda Jessen.com

Daily Photo 2014

I’m trying a new format for my daily photo gallery this year. It makes it easier to add photos to this page, but if I forget to upload a photo with the rest of the photos for the month and upload it later, it ends up our of sequence.

In January the theme was White.

In February the theme was Through Glass, perfect for the middle of winter when it often seems that I am looking at the world through windows.

In March the theme was Colours. It would be interesting to use this theme in the summer too, and compare the photos because the photos I took as winter drew to a close had a lot of white and grey in them.

In April I explored the lines of Stairs and Staircases.

The staircases led me to the theme for May, which was Beneath.

In June I took photos about Growing as the garden came to life.

In July I was taking photos that represented Summer.

My daughter Jasmine suggested the theme for August, Middle.

In September I am revisiting the theme White to compare with the photos taken in January.

In October my theme was textures, it was a month of looking closely at things.

In November my theme was light. It was a perfect time for it, days were getting shorter, there was a time change and the light changes so much once there is snow on the ground.

In December I was looking at line.


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