Birthday Walk

James and I went on a wonderful walk along the river valley this afternoon. We walked along Ada Boulevard and watched the ice sweep along a curve of the North Saskatchewan River toward downtown Edmonton.

A bend in the North Saskatchewan River


The ice flowing under the Ainsworth Dyer bridge was mesmerizing.



Here’s James’s Vine of the view from the bridge:


Pulled by the tinkling friction of ice and the bobbing and calling of ducks we turned towards the river.



I noticed it, but until it moved I dismissed the hare in the brush as a discarded piece of plastic.



We both thought watched fish battling the current between layers of ice was the highlight.



As we walked along the riverbank the sky gradually lightened and cleared above us and we walked home in warm afternoon sunshine.

20151121_151942 20151121_152209


In November, in Edmonton.

20151121_152806 20151121_153956


It was a great way to spend my birthday afternoon.

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