Exploring Open Education and OERs with EdTechOpen

For the next two weeks I have the pleasure of helping coordinate Open Education and OERs with David Porter, Clint Lalonde and Sandy Hirtz. It’s an EdTechOpen course, the second iteration of a course that originally ran in December, 2014. It’s a real privilege for me to have the opportunity to work with Clint and David again, I have so much respect for their knowledge and experience with open education.


Unfortunately Verena Roberts isn’t at the party this time around. She was a co-facilitator for the first course in December, in fact she is the one who brought me into the project. Once the initial course ended she ported an open version to the Palliser Beyond Borders Moodle server.

When Verena and I did our Beyond the Binder session about OERs at the Palliser District Teachers Convention in February, we initially planned to have participants make their way through the open version, but the limited wifi made us change to a more stand and deliver format. We’er both pretty happy with what we came up with. A few weeks ago I remixed the slide deck for an Introduction to OER in K-12 for the Alberta Distance Learning Centre.

Changes for this Iteration

I am excited about this version of the course, it’s longer, running from April 13- 24. Participants can earn a badge if they like and there are e-facilitators from India, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago and Botswana supporting the fifty participants who are have joined from around the globe.


We’ve also added two webinars this time around. I missed the first one, which was today at noon. with Paul Stacy from Creative Commons. Fortunately the archive is available for those who missed the live session.

The next webinar is Monday April 20 at 10am MST with Megan Beckett who will be talking about Making education accessible in the developing world and Siyavula. I’m looking forward to it, I hope I will see you there.

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