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Disconnected Learning again, sigh – Rhonda Jessen.com

Disconnected Learning again, sigh

Today after work I’ll be heading to Calgary for my annual Teacher’s Convention. I believe in lifelong learning and participate in and deliver professional learning opportunities on a regular basis but I never look forward to convention because there is no WiFi so I need to disconnect from my learning network in order to learn, and I learn better when connected to my network.

When I first started teaching at Innisfail Junior Senior High School and attending the Palliser District Teacher’s Convention seven years ago WiFi hadn’t fully penetrated our lives yet. Students were not allowed to have their cell phones during class time and the computers in my lab were connected to the internet via Ethernet. By the time I left Innisfail five years later attitudes had changed, students were allowed to bring their own media devices to class and connect to the school WiFi. I now have WiFi access when I am at the airport, coffee shop, library and even in the middle of Churchill Square.

I’m still obligated to attend our annual Teacher’s Convention, and they still don’t provide WiFi access. This year I’ll be helping my friend Verena deliver a session about Open Educational Resources (OER), which is based on a course we taught for Ed Tech Open. It’s a challenge to plan a session about accessing OER when participants won’t all be able to access the internet. Ironically, I first met Verena on-line and the OER course was planned and delivered entirely on-line. If you’d like to learn about OER but would rather do so when you are connected to the internet instead of during Convention, we’ll be offering another session of Exploring Open Education and OER from April 17 – 22, you’ll have to register to access the course, but it’s free.

I’ll be off-line learning for the next few days, sorry if I don’t connect with you. I’ll reply to your Tweets, emails and posts once I get home. I”ll be going from famine to feast because TEDx Youth@Edmonton will be taking place on Saturday and I’ll be live tweeting all day.

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