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Non-Violent Twitter vs Zombies – Rhonda Jessen.com

Non-Violent Twitter vs Zombies

I loved watching the latest iteration of Twitter vs Zombies (#TvsZ) this weekend. I knew I was too busy to play (I have learned from experience that when I sit down to play for an hour, it will be at least three hours later when I step away from the computer) but I really enjoyed watching the game via the #TvsZ Twitter feed.

This is the 6th iteration of Twitter vs Zombies and the basic storyline has evolved dramatically. During the first five games the basic narrative was that of a zombie apocalypse – the game started with one zombie (Patient Zero) trying to infect the rest of the players. The narrative took a turn during the last game when some non-violent zombies weren’t interested in infecting others and formed a new non-violent species.

The game this weekend had a different narrative but the game play was the same. Instead of zombie infection players would get recruited to other teams. Here is how Maha Bali pitched it to her class and Kevin Hogson’s explanation of how the game is played.

I loved watching the game unfold with the new storyline. There was at least as much word play and digital storytelling usual but it seemed like there was more playing with the rules.

Here is a summary of the weekend play by everyone’s favourite wired grandmother, NanaLou Burgeron.

Here are Kevin’s reflections about the game and Maha’s reflections her experience playing with her class in Cairo as well as a TAGS Explorer summary of how the participants connected.

I am looking forward to the next game, I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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