The Other Lefsa

Now that the summer is here things have slowed down and I am catching up on the the things that get shuffled to the sides of the to-do list when things are busy. I have been cooking more, and using my battered blue recipe binder more often. Rifling through the pages is like flipping through a photo album because many of my cherished recipes have been gathered from family and friends.

Yesterday was Paris’s birthday so I was looking up the recipe for Buttery Birthday Cake (the white cake that my mom used for many amazing cake sculptures when I was growing up). As I flipped through the pages I found my Lefsa recipes and remembered that I promised Karen I’d share the recipe for Lefsa with instant mashed potatoes.

This is Aunt Mabel’s recipe, my grandma Hilda’s sister. She used to work as a camp cook, so I bet when she made lefsa she made lots of it. I guess in that case using instant potatoes makes sense but when I make these at home, I always use the version that uses real potatoes, I think it tastes better and cooking the potatoes doesn’t take as long as rolling and cooking the lefsa.

Mabel’s Lefsa with Instant Mashed Potatoes

2 cups flour
4 tablespoons melted butter
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 cups mashed potatoes
Mix potatoes according to package directions. When cool add to other ingredients. Makes a smooth dry dough.

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