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Here are a few of the things that I learned and people I learned from over the past few months.

Robyn Treyvaud is the Director of Global Education for the iKeepSafe Coalition and is the Project Director for Generation Safe-360 in Australia and Asia.
@rtreyvaud spoke @21clhk about Shaping Citizenship & Citizenship in on-line Spaces

  • Teaches about R & Bs 9 Elements of Digital Citizenship
  • we should just call it citizenship because it was just part of a continuum of citizenship behaviour
  • Match with ISTE’s NETS standards
  • She pointed out that we should be giving teens opportunities to make good choices about technology use, and that good kids make bad choices

David Suzuki recently did a show about the Teenage Brain, they pointed out that teens are building connections in the brain. Experiences, especially repeated ones, form strong connections, which is almost habit creating. So when we ban media, we encourage students to break the rules, and build the habit of breaking the rules.

@rtreyvaud also did a session @21clhk about Policy, Practices and Programs where she suggested we remind parents of their responsibility on Appropriate Use forms. She reminded us to always get the students involved in crafting policy (at some stages, not all 36 drafts) One school’s policy said parents also had to agree to follow Appropriate Use Guidelines.

@21clhk I met Peter Sutton, a former teacher, who started a company called Kai Ming consulting, which contracts to school boards to help them check their on-line digital footprint, (one school had 5 fake Facebook pages) and then helps the school to carefully craft their brand (and learn how to maintain it.)

In Sugata Mitra’s keynote address @21clhk he talked about The Hole in the Wall Computer Project. @seantm sent out this Biographical Information. Here is his Ted Talk on this subject.

In her keynote address @pdtca12 Amanda Lindhurst talked about being kidnapped and held for over a year, the power of forgiveness and her NGO the Global Enrichment Foundation.

Notes from sessions that I attended or that someone I follow Tweeted about…
Apps for iPods and iPhones
Research for the New Millenium @rappin01, @curriculumstace
Technology and Curriculum, Moving Forward Together @teachwatts, @curriculumstace
Implementing an iPad Pilot Project
Sharing Digital Media@shamblesguru

At the QR Codes session @cfarrow and @smay sent us into the hallway to read the QR Codes they had posted which led to:

The coolest and most fast-paced presentation was about Augmented Reality (the 4th Dimension)given by @kmansell @chamblesguru scanned the handouts and posted them here. Kevin pointed out that it was cool technology for marketing and toys, but asked it can be used for education? He thought it would take a while. He talked about Gardner’s Hype Cycle of Augmented Reality.

  • You need a reader like Dari or String for iOS.
  • Vodule is a website that explores volume and modularity in media and the arts it allows people to interact with real and virtual objects at same time
  • Zooburst (we all got accounts) makes 3D Books, need to view on tablet, phone or computer. $100 unlimited books premium account. Flash based so you can’t view on iPads
  • Google sketch up can go to AR sites
  • http:/QRVoice/
  • QR codes are called QR for quick response
  • ARSights
  • IKEA has an augmented reality codes for it’s products
  • Can “try on” clothing, sunglasses, a watch
  • Hallmark has webcam greetings with AR
  • AR business cards
  • Tissot watch ad
  • New Zeland’s Hit Lab

Participants in the 21st Century Learning Conference used a lot of different social media to connect and share. Video footage of the Keynote Speakers can be viewed at this official site or at or Shambles Guru’s site. @gbertoia compiled Tweets from #21clhk for this storify presentation. Photos taken by @sherattsam around Hong Kong #21clhk.  @wootang’s Pinterest.

Other stuff…




Digital Footprint


  • Sculptris 3D modelling program is free this month


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