I have started a new cMOOC – DC MOOC, Digital Citizenship MOOC.

I didn’t plan to join another MOOC

I hadn’t planned to join a new MOOC, as I am in the middle of an animation xMOOC with the Adobe Education Exchange, I have quite a few side projects going on (collaborations with friends from #etmooc, #TvsZ, #DS106 and other communities) and things are busy at work.

But when I found out that Alec Couros was running a MOOC, and that it was about Digital Citizenship and that it was a collaboration with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education I was sold. So I signed up and I have been encouraging others to sign up too.

Family Connections

This is the the first MOOC I have ever done with anyone from my family. I get to play with two family members: my sister-in-law Chyrelanne Kuipers, who told me about #dcmooc; and my niece, Melissa Wasilaw, who I encouraged to join because she is a teacher in Saskatchewan and I thought she would enjoy it. Cherylanne and I used to live in neighbouring towns but she now lives and teaches at The International School in Macau, China so we connect on-line when we can. I am glad that we’ll be able to play together during #dcmooc.

My Participation so far

I have been participating a little bit in the course Twitter feed and Google+ Community but I missed the synchronous session and Twitter chat this week, there was just too much going on. There’ll be time, I know.

My Goals

I hope to connect with other Canadian Open Educators, learn and share resources and best practices, learn more from Alec Couros, and see what a MOOC from a Canadian Ministry of Education can be like. I am also looking forward to playing with some of my friends: Susan Spellman Cann, Erin Luong, Susan Niessen, JR Dingwall, Jan Web, Valerie Lopes, Christine Quong, Fenella Olynick and Tina Photikas.

I plan to continue to share my learning openly in this blog, on Twitter and in Google+.

I plan to continue to mentor others in their Open Education journey. I’ve encouraged a few friends and family members to join #dcmooc, I am going to keep an eye on them, be available to answer questions and suggest ways to maximize their participation.

It’s just the first week, there is more to come, I know, more chances for me to get to know you, my fellow #dcmoocers, and engage in conversations. I am looking forward to getting to know you.

Sorry I can’t follow you on Twitter right now

I have a very open Twitter follow policy, I try to follow all of the educators I meet. Twitter has some limits about how many people you can follow unless you have an equal number of followers. Unfortunately I have hit my 2000 user Twitter follow limit so I am not able to follow anyone else until I get some more followers. I’ll have to find some time to clean out the list of people I follow and unfollow some so that I will be able to follow my new Tweeps from #dcmooc.

I apologize in advance if you follow me and I don’t follow you. I’d like to, and hopefully I’ll be able to really soon. I met many of my best collaborators and co-learners through Twitter and Etmooc and it’s offshoots.

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