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Week 1 Animation MOOC – Rhonda Jessen.com

Week 1 Animation MOOC

Last week was the first week of the Animation MOOC that I am taking from Adobe. It was introduction week, with an orientation to the course structure and format, and a few readings and viewings to get us thinking about animation.

A little too judgemental?

This week has made me realize is that I am much harder on myself and on the course during xMOOCs. Design flaws that I would ignore in other contexts, attract my attention and frustration. I was so distracted by the fact that the time of the first synchronous session was formatted exactly like the rest of the hyperlinks on the page, but wasn’t a hyperlink, I had trouble understanding when the session was scheduled.

I was so caught up in the linear “complete A before you complete B” structure of the course that I was drawn up short when I was unable to submit my assignment. Since I had completed all of the work that was presented before the assignment except the “optional office hours” synchronous session which isn’t until tonight, it seemed to me like I needed to attend the optional session in order to get a submit button appear on my assignment page. I checked with a classmate, it turns out that we need to complete 3 peer evaluations before we are able to submit our own assignment. Since they were listed after the assignment in the outline, it never occurred to me that I needed to complete them before I was able to hand in my assignment.

Every other online course I have ever participated in as a student or teacher, you have had to submit your assignments before you are allowed to do any peer editing. What a totally different model. I wonder if I am going to be able to get over my resistance to this different format in order to evaluate the effect that it has on the course and on me as a participant?

If the course had been structured in any other way, I would probably have poked around until I figured out what I needed to do in order to hand in my assignment. Because it is an xMOOC I assume I am not going to understand or it is going to be hard to figure out if I have difficulty.

Hmm. My expectations are getting in the way of my experiencing the course. I hope I am able to let that go so it doesn’t get in the way of my learning.

Great Readings/Viewings

I really enjoyed two of the readings/viewings this week. I loved the film Animando by Marcos Magalhães. Watching it was a blast from the past; it’s one of the National Film Board shorts that I remember watching when I was young. It would be a great way to introduce different types of animation to students. I also really enjoyed Brain Pickings Post about 5 Early Animators. I love early animation, and I loved watching the film by Georges Méliès after reading about it in Brian Selzniak’s wonderful novel Hugo.

Related Links
Kelly Kermode shared the link to some fantastic stop motion videos that play with our perceptions of wood by Andre Maan.

I also remembered a recent tweet with a simple way to set up a green screen iPad studio.

iPad Green Screen idea
iPad Green Screen idea

I am looking forward to week 2. I’ll try not to be so hard on the course structure.

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