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Photo Maintenance – Rhonda Jessen.com

Photo Maintenance

I’ve been catching up on my daily photo project. Not the photos, of course, but the archives. I’ve updated the week of photos on my main Photo page for the first time in a while. I’ve started a page for my Daily Photos for 2014, and made pages for January and February‘s photos. I’ve updated my 2013 Daily Photo page, and all of the monthly pages that go with it. I’m feeling really organized.

Although I have the monthly theme in mind when I take my photos, I often think of the photos themselves in isolation – different photos taken on different days. I enjoy putting the monthly archives together because they give me a chance to view all of the photos together. I am sometimes surprised by the themes that emerge. These monthly collections are what led me to start having a theme for the month. Themes often lead to other themes, or reframing familiar scenes in new ways.

The same thing happens when I put together the yearly archive. Working with the photos as I edit the movie gives me a fantastic reminder of some of the things that happened during the year, and I always find themes and commonalities in the photos that I hadn’t noticed before.

Today as I was working I realized that I didn’t have a photo for November 23, 2013. Fortunately I took several photos of a sleigh on November 23 so I was able to add the missing photo – phew. I’ve added it to the rest of the photos from November on the archive page. Now I have to update the yearly archive video and upload a new copy to YouTube. I’m glad that I caught it and was able to add the photo to the collection.

Sleigh parked at Gas Station
Sleigh parked at Gas Station

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