Kathy Cassidy on Creating a Positive Digital Footprint for OOE13

Last November was Digital Citizenship month for the Open Online Experience (OOE13) and I was led mentor for the month. I assembled a collection of resources and activities for the OOE13 website. We held joint Tweet Chats with Post Etmooc about Digital Citizenship and about Digital Leadership; it was great to see the two communities come together.

On November 13, 2013 I hosted grade two teacher Kathy Cassidy for a live session about Creating a Positive Digital Footprint. It was an interesting session that made me rethink how blogging can be used in elementary grades.

Kathy prepared this handout full of great suggestions for tools and links to resources for us to use.

Here is Kathy’s personal blog and class blog, with links to her student blogs.

Here’s an archive of the whole session which includes the chat and videos of many of the participants. Roz Hussin hosted the session, and brilliantly managed technical issues which included unscheduled upgrades of the server in Germany that started just before the session.

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