ETMOOC Anniversary #etmchat Twitter Chat

On Tuesday January 14th I hosted an #etmchat Twitter Chat for the Post Etmooc community to celebrate the anniversary of ETMOOC. My friend Susan Spellman Cann co-hosted and Alec Couros, instigator and lead learner in ETMOOC, was our guest.

@couros High School Reunion Tweet ETMOOC Anniversary #etmchat
@couros High School Reunion Tweet ETMOOC Anniversary #etmchat

The chat was a huge success. There were almost 400 tweets sent in 75 minutes. Too many to follow. It took me several days to read them all and condense them to this archive. I hope that I didn’t leave any voices out or misunderstand conversations.

Several others have shared their reflections about the chat and the ETMOOC Anniversary including:

  • Paul Signorelli‘s ETMOOC Singing Happy Anniversary to a Course

    The Post Etmooc community has one more ETMOOC Anniversary event planned: next Tuesday January 21st, we’ll be hosting two hangouts and another #etmchat at 7:30pm MST. Susan Spellman Cann is hosting a hangout that will be streamed live, Karen Young will be hosting one that is not streamed live, everyone will be encouraged to circulate between the hangouts and I will try and coordinate on Twitter with the #etmchat hash tag. We hope to see you there.

    Here’s Susan’s S’More with all of the details.

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