DS106 Week 10

I think that it is a video week. I have continued to play with audio and the Daily Creates.

3 Ts Radio

Our radio group had so much fun creating our radio show that we decided to create a Halloween Special for DS106 Radio. We are all very busy and there was a very short turn around time so we worked on mostly individual projects which Karen pieced together to make a great show that was broadcast a few times on Halloween and November 1st.

Daily Creates

On October 30th I took this photo of our gas fireplace for tdc661: Take a photo that represents warmth.

On October 31st I invented Rhonuary for tdc662: Create a new month to replace November named after you..

on November 2nd I drew this photo for tdc664. I used MyPaint for the first time, and I was really happy with my dog.

Today I submitted this photo for tdc665: Birds! Twitter, Hitchcock, Make it all About Birds.

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