DS106 Week 9

I did participate in some DS106 related activity last week, but I didn’t participate in many prescribed #ds106 activities. Good thing it is a cMooc. I didn’t even read the weekly announcement, and I did not do any of the activities related to Stories In/Of The Web.

Here is what I did do.

3 Ts Radio Show

Our radio show, The 3T’s radio group: “ds106, Shrinking the Big Questions” with host Mariana Funes, was broadcast with the other headless ds106 shows at the world premiere event on Tuesday October 22, from 7:00pm-11:00pm in my time zone. I wasn’t able to listen to all of the shows but I did catch CogDog’s pre-show discussion with Christina and Karen and the show. There was quite a Twitter discussion while the show was broadcast. I also missed the post-show discussion.

There was also a European premiere on Thursday October 24th. The broadcast time was a little fluid but I managed to leave my meeting in time to hear the end of our session and participate in the post-show interview.

Daily Create

This week I did the most Daily Creates I have done yet.

On October 21st I wrote a story using descriptive names for colours for tdc652: Find a website with descriptive names for colors; write a story using at least 5 of those names.

On October 22nd I wrote this story for tdc653: Given 3 wishes, what is your third wish? Write a story about it going wrong.

I drew this photos on October 23rd for tdc654: Draw a representation of the back or inside of your computer, the one you are using now. This was an interesting challenge because I was using a PC laptop when I read the challenge, but as soon as I read that it was a drawing assignment I switched to my iPad. I used GlowDraw again. I had to export a few times but it finally worked.

On October 24th I took this photo for tdc655: Take a picture that evokes the sense of smell.

On October 27th I wrote this paragraph for tdc658: The Sky is Never the Same? Write the first paragraph of this novel.

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