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DS106 week 8 – Rhonda Jessen.com

DS106 week 8

Last week was week 8 in Headless #DS106, the second of two an audio two-fer: Audio and the Big Radio show. The rest of my life has been crowding and I haven’t been able to participate in #ds106 as much as I would have liked. I enjoy working with audio, but I know it can be very time consuming, especially the last minute tweaking process so I have been holding back.

Even when I am mostly lurking, I am enjoying participating in #ds106. The “texts”, exemplars and resources that are provided every week are informative, interesting and usually very different than the those I use when I teach media. This week for example, there is a re-imagining of the Red Riding Hood story from a design perspective that is a great example of design thinking, illustration, and storytelling.

DS106 Radio

I worked with a small far-flung group to complete a 40 minute radio show: Shrinking the Big Questions. I had a very small role in the whole production, I joined the group late after realizing that I had missed the cue to join a group back in week 4. Fortunately some of my Tweeps (#zombies from my past) let me join the fun they were having. All I had to do was record my parts.

I started using Garage Band. Then I remembered that Karen who was going to be doing much of the editing drives a PC and uses Audacity so I downloaded Audacity to record my clips. After several hours, and many takes my audio was complete and I uploaded it to dropbox. Then I watched the editing process unfold, I could tell what was happening by the conversations in Twitter and Gmail, monitoring the planning document and listening to the tracks saved to our group Dropbox.

I didn’t mess with new apps or upgraded software for this assignment, but I did need to do a few things to increase the amount of space I have on Dropbox. It was impressive how seamlessly we were able to collaborate, I don’t think that any of us have ever met in person, and one group member, Talky Tina, spent most of her time in a storage container. Our show will be part of the Live Premiere on DS106 Radio tomorrow night, October 22 starting at 6 pm MST.

The Daily Create

I completed three Daily Creates again this week. On October 14th I completed some musings called Melodramatic Bookshelf for TDC645: Describe how a nonanimate object would act/feel/be if it were alive. Of course as soon as I posted it I wanted to update it so I updated it and posted it here.

On October 17th I completed tdc648: Notice the ground beneath your feet. Document with an enhanced photograph. I played around with an app called Over for the enhancement. Initially I found the interface easy to use, but once I had saved my first photo and wanted to edit it I got frustrated. Fortunately my daughter Paris saw me struggling and helped me figure it out. Now that I understand how to drive it, I think it’s a cool app for basic photo editing and adding captions to photos, I would use it again.

Ono October 19th I submitted this photo for tdc650: Take a photo that shows a reflection. I took the photo a few weeks ago. It didn’t quite work for the photo of the day because it is about reflection, not shadows, but I saved it to my DS106 folder because I thought it was such a great photo. I am glad I was able to use it.


Although we were encouraged to complete 10 points worth of assignments over the past two weeks, I didn’t complete any. The assignments sound really creative and challenging. I know I will circle back later to play. I can also see using these in a Media classroom, when I am back in the classroom.

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