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DS106 week 7 – Rhonda Jessen.com

DS106 week 7

I didn’t have much time for DS106 in week 7, but I did do three DailyCreates.

tdc637: This is the 6th day of the 10th month. At 1:06pm create a Happy 106 day message. Send it to someone.
On October 6th I made a short video. As always it took much longer than I expected. I don’t use iMove much anymore and there have been several updates so I often find myself trying to do things that used to be a simple key combination. I thought the comic book theme really suited my message but I spent a lot of time fighting with iMovie’s built in transitions and animations. I finally got it to do almost what I wanted. Here is my video.

TDC639: Find two visual patterns and combine them in one image.
On Oct 8 I took this photograph in my cubicle at work. There isn’t a lot to photograph in cubicle-land so I was excited I was able to use one of the chairs and the carpet for this one. I was also glad it was so quick to participate in the DailyCreate because I was in a full day meeting so I didn’t think I would be able to participate until I left work.

TDC641: Enough Dark and Stormy nights! Write the first and last lines of a tacky novel
On Oct 10th I wrote this introduction and conclusion to a tacky novel. I decided to add a Canadian twist after I used metric measurement in the first sentence, hence the Timmy’s reference in the last sentence.

It was a bright and sunny day but Brenda didn’t notice because she was so dejected, exhausted, broke, heartbroken and sad that her eyes were permanently fixed a half a meter in front of the feet that she dragged along the side of the dusty highway.

Brenda couldn’t believe her luck – driving along the highway, sunroof open, soulmate at her side, friends in the backseat, and an open case of Tim Horton doughnuts by her side – life sure was good.

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