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I Survived the ZOMBIES on Friday the 13th – Rhonda Jessen.com

I Survived the ZOMBIES on Friday the 13th

I am writing this from the #safezone.

I’m not sure how long I can hold out.

I know they are tracking my digital trail so I’m going to keep this brief.

I’m posting this as a warning. And as a tribute to the great minds lost to the zombie hoards yesterday, Friday the Thirteenth of September 2013. I am keeping my head.

Headless for DS106
Headless for DS106

It’s a sad day in the educational community. Yesterday some of the brightest lights were lost, their #brains consumed by zombies. They will no longer be able to share their insights and learning. Many PLNs have sustained losses. These losses will be felt around the world.

The first #human I saw succumb was Karen Young. I tried to save her but I was too late. I watched Karen change from a wise and caring educator to a brain-sucking zombie. Mourning posts continue to pour into the Post Etmooc Reading Group.

Karen Young Zombified
Karen Young Zombified

Brendan Murphy, who provided the initial vision and strong leadership in the Open Online Experience (#OOE13) outwitted the zombies for a while, but his brains are now lost as well.

The #OOE community lives on so far. But you must all remain vigilant. The zombies are tracking our digital footprints. Ghostry can’t block them.

Limit your digital presence. The zombies know when you connect to the Tubes. They are drawn to IP traffic, it lures them.

Verena‘s death has hit me the hardest. She held out until after dinner. I admire her strategy of having her family help in her defence against zombie attacks. Verena was a passionate advocate for Open Learning and a leader in the field of K-12 MOOCs. Her loss will be felt way beyond the borders of Alberta.

To late to save Verena
To late to save Verena

I didn’t catch what happened to Christina. When Verena was swarmed I realized that the zombies were watching what we posted. I am trying to limit my digital presence. Staying off the grid when I can.

The last time I checked the feed I thought JR looked like a zombie. I’m not sure. He’s strong. We fought through Mcluhan together. I saved him twice when I saw zombies take a #swipe at him. I can’t afford to go online to check.

First #swipe for JR
First #swipe for JR

I don’t know what has happened to Pete Rorabaugh but I fear the worst. He leaves behind a printing partner a new publishing paradigm, and lots and lots of words.

I am hunkered down in the #safezone with @debbiefuco, @janweb3.

We’ll hold out as long as we can.

Stay safe out there. Your students need teachers with brains and good ideas.

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