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Headless ds106 Week 2 – Rhonda Jessen.com

Headless ds106 Week 2

It’s the end of week 2 in Headless #ds106, time to take stock of how my learning and experiences have connected with DS106. This week I talked about DS106 a lot in face to face and online communities, I did three Daily Creates, and I thought about all of the Daily Creates and planned how I might participate.

The theme this week was Getting Through Bootcamp / Personal Cyber Infrastructure. Many of the suggested activities are ones that I have explored over the past six months as I have been actively managing my digital footprint. I have a blog, and have explored ways to sort and present my idea so I spent my time on the Daily Creates.

When I first heard about the @DailyCreates I thought they were a good idea but I didn’t have time to participate. This summer Karen Young explored the Daily Creates in our Post Etmooc Blog Reading Group and I decided to give them a try.

I was surprised at how resistant to being creative on demand I was the first few times I tried the Daily Create. The perfectionist in me stepped in and everything took much longer than the 15-20 minute suggested time commitment. When I took less time, I struggled with posting work that was not polished and perfect. I also initially resisted creating a Flickr account, although I take a lot of photos, I have only been sharing them on my blog, not via any type of photo sharing community.

I did three daily creates this week. I love reading about the DailyCreate just after I get into work and thinking about how I can participate.

On September 2nd I recorded this Digital Story of my Key Chain for tdc603. I still remember the feeling of freedom when I got rid of all of the old keys that were cluttering up my key chain, I am still proud of how few keys I carry.

On September 3rd I created this Headless Self-Portrait for TDC604. It was a challenge for a few reasons. I had to get Paris to help me by taking the photos, and teach her how to take photos without moving the camera. And I used the Gimp, I don’t use the Gimp very often, and although I know it will do what I need it to do, I usually find it frustrating to figure out how to do it. I used this assignment to remind myself how to use layers in the Gimp, and how to move the layers and adjust the colours.

Headless for DS106
Headless for DS106

On September 4th I took several different photos for TDC605 and ended up submitting this one. I love the idea of finding Calm in Chaos, especially since I work downtown and go past several large construction sites every day. I initially planned to take my photo for TDC605 on my walk home, where I look out over Victoria golf course with the North Saskatchewan River and the University of Alberta in the background. But I didn’t have my camera along and I wasn’t very happy with the photo I took with my iPad. I took a few other photos on the way home, then I took this great photo of one of my favourite gardens a few blocks from my house and I knew I had my photo.

Calm in Chaos
Calm in Chaos

I wonder what next week in DS106 will bring…

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