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Hello #OOE13 – Rhonda Jessen.com

Hello #OOE13

The Open Online Experience, #OOE13, started this week. Hello everyone in#OOE13!

Although the official launch was this week and the first synchronous session was on Wednesday, it’s not too late to join the 168 participants from 23 countries who have already signed up.

If you’d like to learn more about the Open Online Experience see what Janet Webster and Michael Walker have posted about it. Debbie Morrison has advice about finding time for online learning experiences and #OOE13. Debbie will be facilitating: “Success in OOE 2013: How to Make the Most of your Learning Experience” on September 18, 2013, here’s the #OOE13 calendar.

#OOE13 Participant Countries
#OOE13 Participant Countries

Topic 1: Welcome and Orientation to Working in a Blended Environment
The goal this week is for participants to “get started and get to know each other. The best way I know of to do that is to create a presence online and share your professional knowledge. Then go and find others of a similar (or radically different mindset) and strike up a conversation.

Some time during the next two weeks take a couple of minutes and create a blog, or if you have a blog create a category for OOE13. Then submit it to our blog collection survey.

Take a couple of minutes to introduce yourself. Write a new blog post using
your new blog to share what you hope to learn, what you do, or anything along those lines. Tweet the blog using our hashtag #ooe13. Then go and find another person who is introducing themselves and say hello.”

My blog has been added to the blog hub, I have been connecting to other #OOE13 participants in Twitter, and in the ZenLive session on Wednesday so I guess it’s time to introduce myself.

My Introduction
I am a media and computer teacher in Edmonton, Alberta Canada but I am not in a classroom this year. I have been seconded to Alberta Education where I am helping write a new junior high elective curriculum about technology and careers as part of Alberta Education’s Curriculum Redesign. I think it is an exciting time for education in Alberta.

I am participating in #OOE13 as a participant and as a mentor. My experience participating in connectivist learing experiences includes #etmooc, and our Post Etmooc Blog Reading Group on Google+. I am interested in communities of learners, and how to develop and maintain them for the long term.

As a connected educator, and am interested in connecting with other educators and exploring how to provide the best learning experiences for my students. I am currently participating in #OOE13, Headless DS106, and I will be participating in whatever way I can find time for in the upcoming cMooc Exploring Personal Learning Networks in October.

Advice for Fellow Participants
My advice to other participants in #OOE13 is to focus on things that help you make connections to your own experiences and learning; it is not possible to participate in everything, especially for an experience that lasts for 10 months.

Try to make connections outside of your school or district, especially if you are participating in #OOE13 with a cohort of people that you see face to face on a regular basis. These connections have the potential to last much longer than the experience itself.

I look forward to learning with all of you over the next school year.

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