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Coming Soon OOE13: Open Online Edtech Professional Development Opportunity For Educators – Rhonda Jessen.com

Coming Soon OOE13: Open Online Edtech Professional Development Opportunity For Educators

Open Online Experience,a connectivist educational technology and media learning experience starts in a week and a half. It will be an open learning experience about the integration of edtech in the classroom, sharing your learning and connecting with others who are on the same journey throughout the entire school year.

A key part of the OOE experience will be connecting to the wider network of educators around the world. OOE13, as a connectivist experience, emphasizes the development of connections, between pieces of information, ideas, but also, and perhaps most importantly, between people. Hopefully by the end of the course in May participants will have developed or strengthened a network of people from around the world that they continue to learn with long after the course is finished.

Brendan Murphy, from Richmond-Burton High School in Richmond, Illinois, has been the main organizer of OOE13, but the experience has been planned by a large group of people, crowd-sourced style. OOE13 has been designed to be similar to #Etmooc. It is open to all educators, and those interested in classroom use of educational technology and media.

I have an interest in how communities develop online so I have found it fascinating to watch the structure (of the course, the community and the tools) of OOE develop over the last six months. Now that it is about to launch, I am excited. I intend to participate in the OOE community, mentor as needed, and help lead the discussion around Digital Citizenship in November.

I know from experience how empowering it can be to connect with a community of like minded educators online, especially if you work in a rural school. I had the opportunity to participate in a yearlong learning experience like OOE with the Powerful Learning Practice (PLP) a few years ago, it was that experience that started me on the journey of being a connected educator. I started blogging, I connected with educators around the world, I even tried out Twitter for the first time (I thought it was silly and didn’t really use it for years, now I can’t imagine working without it.) I was fortunate to participate in PLP with several coworkers; it was great to have friends at my school I could talk to about what I was learning and experiencing.

Last winter I was an active participant in Etmooc. I found it really empowering to take control of my own learning, by selecting which activities I would participate in (and share with others), what I would blog about, who I wanted to work more closely with. In my Etmooc evaluation of learning, I outlined some of the ways that participating in etmooc changed my practice. I joined Etmooc alone, but I immediately started to make connections to other participants.

To learn more about OOE and about Etmooc and why it was such a powerful experience for my friend Christina Hendricks, check out her recent post about OOE13 and Etmooc.

OOE will be structured around monthly themes (Connected Learning, Digital Citizenship, Digital Literacy, Content Curation, Student Directed Learning and Digital Storytelling, and the Open Movement) with live synchronous events (which will be archived for those who can’t participate live), Twitter chats, and other activities. Participants are welcome to participate at the level that works for them, not everyone will participate in the same events or engage with the topics in the same way. Participants who are interested will be able to earn badges for some of the activities that they complete.

To learn more about OOE13, visit the website. If you would like to participate, complete the registration page. You can join by yourself, or join with a few friends so that you will already have a built in support network.

The first scheduled event will be an introduction to OOE on the evening of September 4th. Here is a link to the calendar, which will be revised as the year progresses.

I hope to connect with you during OOE13!

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