Using Technology to Ignite Student Interest in Junior High Science

It was great to see you all at our session at the Inspiring Science conference on October 21, 2011 in Lake Louise. We are dissapointed that we ran out of time so we didn’t have a chance to try the hands on activity. We have already signed up for the conference again next year and plan to present a similar session about using technology (both high and low tech) in junior high Science classrooms but we’ll ask for a two hour session in order to have enough time to try a hands-on activity as well.

Here are the links from our presentation.
Smart NoteBook Examples

I have been thinking about the participants who were frustrated that when they connect multiple classes to a video conference that things really slow down. Perhaps in this case you should try and avoid using video when you are all connected, and rely on activities that use less bandwidth like text, or voicethreads.

Dave just forwarded me this excellent blog posting about back chanelling. If you are interested or curious about back chanelling you might want to check it out.

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