Personal Learning Networks

I depend on my Personal Learning Network for ideas, support, lesson ideas, presentations and challenging ideas. Most of the people in my network live far away, and I have never met many of them, but they support me in ways that I can’t always be supported by my friends and coworkers. Since am the only Computer/Grade 8 Science teacher/CTS Team Leader in Innisfail, I sometimes need the support of others with similar experiences.

This year my school board participated in the Power Learning Practice and I was invited to participate as a team leader and 21st Century Fellow. I really enjoyed working with the group from my school as well as working with PLPeeps from around the world. In fact, I initially started this blog as an assignment for the PLP. As part of our Action Research project our school PLP team has set up an Edmodo group in the hope that our school staff will use it to network and share resources and as a resource in their Personal Learning Networks. Moodle is already available as a course management system at our school board, and some of us use it but I think Edmodo will appeal to others because it is easier to set up and manage.

Last week we met with all of the teachers at our school, talked about the value of Professional Learning Networks and introduced our school Edmodo group. We taught a short session about Edmodo and how to use it and had everyone complete an assignment which included adding an item to the library and adding a comment. It’s still early to say how many of the teachers at our school will use our Edmodo group but I hope it proves to be a useful tool for sharing and communication. And if they don’t already have their own Personal Learning Networks, I hope that others at the school will start to develop them.

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