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PetHangout with Hybrid Pedagogy – Rhonda Jessen.com

PetHangout with Hybrid Pedagogy

This morning I hosted my first Google Hangout on-air. There were 10 people in the hangout and another six people in the room with me at Alberta Education. Johanne and Maureen participated in the room with me and in the hangout. There was also a #pethangout back channel on Twitter; so there were a few different conversations weaving around the main one in the hangout. The hangout, with live video and chat was streamed to my YouTube channel, where it is archived.

It almost didn’t happen, we were unable to use the first two meeting rooms we had booked because the roof was leaking, but that seemed appropriate somehow given all the flooding that has been taking place in Alberta over the past week.

The topic in the Post Etmooc Blog Reading Group this month has been 21st Century Publishing, and this was the last of several conversations with Hybrid Pedagogy. Christina Hendricks hosted a hangout on June 4th with Jesse Strommel and Pete Rorabaugh where they talked about origins and nature of Hybrid Pedagogy. The next day the conversation continued in #etmchat Karen Young hosted featuring Jesse Strommel, Pete Rorabaugh and Sean Morris from Hybrid Pedagogy to discuss their new 24 hour MOOC, the Moocathon, and to talk about how we can expand the conversation between educators.

On June 12th Karen hosted another #etmchat about the barriers between elementary, secondary and higher ed communication, and introducing elements from other’s practice. On June 19th she hosted an #etmchat about Peer-to-peer Learning Best Practices. Karen also wrote an excellent introduction to our study of Hybrid Pedagogy this month, and hosted a Tweet chat for Hyrbid Pedagogy called Your Brain is Six on May 26th.

Today I talked with Jesse Strommel and Sean Morris about the Moocathon, collective writing, their call for participation for A Dialogue among K-12 and Post-secondary Pedagogies and Pedagogues, the definition of Hybridity, and the role of hybrid students. The conversation continues in the Post #etmooc Blog Reading Group.

Hybrid Pedagogy starts to define hybridity in this first of three posts.

What’s your definition of hybridity?

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