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I have been visiting my sister-in-law in Macau before the start of the 21st Century Leaerning Conference in Hong Kong.

I have had a fantastic mini vacation: wandered around Macau, Taipa, Coloane, and the markets and visited my sister-in-law’s school TIS. I have loved having the chance to catch up with Chyrelanne, keeping in touch via email and Skype isn’t the same thing as F2F. An added bonus has been that my niece Sandra is visiting as well so I have been able to spend time with her as well. In fact she showed me most of Macau.

Sandra has been volunteering at TIS, helping teachers with their WordPress blogs. She is a WordPress expert, with a whole bunch of other fantastic technical skills. I have really enjoyed spending time with her. The biggest bonus for me is that she has offered to host my website on her domain, so we have done the paperwork for

Soon I will move this blog, and I will let you know once the moving trucks arrive.

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