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The story of my last year in photos – Rhonda Jessen.com

The story of my last year in photos

Last year I challenged myself to take a photo a day with my iPad and post them on my blog. I had seen other photo a day projects which piqued my interest, but my year of photos started when I was on a trip to Asia. I was at a tech conference and I had decided to travel without a laptop, just my iPad. I was taking lots of photos, as usual, but I was unable to share them with my family until I got home and could download them to my computer. So I started taking photos with the iPad which I could email right away. It was immediately apparent that the iPad had a much shorter field of view than the camera, so photos taken from the exact same spot looked very different. I was intrigued, and wondered how else was the photography experience was different with the iPad. I decided that posting the photos without any edits would force me to set up good photos from the start, and hopefully make up for the lower resolution of the photos.

It was an interesting project. I learned a lot about my iPad camera, the compositions that work well, and how much light is required for a good shot. I also learned to be less self-conscious about taking photos with the iPad; since it is larger than a camera, I always feel more obvious when taking photos.

The iPad ended up being my main camera last year. Some days I scrambled to take a photo at the end of the day, others I look dozens of photos. When I had more than one photo to choose from I tried to pick one that provided a window into my life and what was going on, even if it wasn’t the best photo I had taken that day.

As the year was drawing to a close I started toying with ways to wrap up the project. The photos were already posted here on my blog, but I wanted a way wrap up the project. Then I read Dean Shareski’s post with the video he had made from his sixth year of photo/videos a day, and I knew that was the way to go. The challenge was to make a video that wasn’t too long (so people would actually watch it) without the photos going by so fast it made you dizzy.

Here is a window into my last year.

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