Webinar archive: Using Google Docs Presentation Tools

I hosted a webinar to stream this session for my co-workers at Alberta Education on January 24th. I almost cancelled the session because I am pretty familiar with Google docs and there was a pretty large pile of paper accumulating on my desk. But several of my co-workers had expressed an interest in attending so we participated and I am glad we did. Susan Oxnevad (@soxnevad) is a great presenter and we all learned things we didn’t know about new features in Google Drive.

The presentation was hosted by CoolToolsfor21stCenturyLearners. It is free to join the site and participate in the live webinars, but you would have to set up a paid account to view the session archives.

What Susan talked about:
• Google Docs presentation: Part of Google Docs
• Screen shot tutorials are listed in Google Docs
• Make a template, submit template, she shared her Chicago fire template
• Insert Video into a document
• Google Tools Research Tool

Susan also shared these useful resources. Her blog is called Cool Tools Blog.

Google Docs Templates (You must be signed in to Gmail to access):
History of Chicago
Math Cards
Google Presentation Features Tutorials (the session we participated in plus other presentations about Google Tools)

This was one of a whole day of webinars about Google Apps for Education. You can check out their Guide to Google Apps for Education.

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